We Believe

In God's love for Harrisburg, past and present

Our Mission

Second City Church is a community that exists to worship the Triune God and to celebrate, in word and deed, the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Harrisburg.

Group smiling at potluck


Like any community, we live, grow and fellowship together in the place God has put us. We are drawn together by the one who has saved us. We are a community because of Jesus.

Group smiling after Easter toast to the resurrection

Worship and Celebrate

We gather together as a body to honor and glorify our creator because He is forever a kind and merciful king. We revel in the salvation His son has obtained for us.

Group cleaning day

Word and Deed

The Bible calls us to follow Christ not just with our words, but our actions as well. We seek to honor Christ through our service to each other and the people of Harrisburg.

Child's first communion

The Gospel

“Gospel” means “good news.”Jesus’ work on the cross is truly the best news any of us can hear. It opens the door to eternal life with God.

Youth baptism

Jesus Christ

God’s only begotten son, who died that we might have life – and who provides an example of servant leadership for us to follow.


The city of Harrisburg is the place God has put us. It is our first mission field – a city we love and seek to serve.

Our Story

Second City Church was officially formed in 2009 when two separate churches merged: Second Reformed Church and City’s Gate Church. It is truly beautiful to look back over history to watch God’s work in the formation of our current church community.

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In 1864, a group was sent out from Salem German Reformed Church located on Chestnut Street in Harrisburg, to start the Second Reformed Church in the city of Harrisburg. The common name of the church was eventually shortened to Second Church. As the city expanded and membership grew, Second Church built our current church building in 1905.

Old sepia postcard of Second Reformed Church

Over a century later – in 1997 – a group from Trinity Presbyterian Church in Harrisburg and a group from New Covenant Presbyterian in Mechanicsburg began meeting for prayer and Bible study. These prayer groups grew and grew and eventually became City’s Gate Church. The goal of City’s Gate Church was to extend the love of Jesus to the people of Harrisburg, and its founding documents required the church to meet within city limits. However, City’s Gate did not have a permanent home so it moved from space to space throughout the city of Harrisburg for over a decade.

Women from City's Gate on a biking trip

In 2009, Second Church and City’s Gate Church joined together as Second City Church – two separate communities becoming one new one around a common love for God and desire to serve our neighbors in Jesus’ name. The name Second City Church itself is a testament to God’s work in the city through these two church bodies for more than the last century and a half. It is also a reference to St. Augustine’s great work, ‘The City of God.’

Group outside church door on Palm Sunday

Image of S. Olimpi“I first visited City’s Gate church in 1998, and I fell in love with the openness and genuine quality of the people I met there. People did not hesitate to get real about their own spiritual shortcomings. No one was trying to impress me with their religious credentials. I didn’t feel like I had to pretend to be a perfect Christian. I knew I could be myself with this group, so I wanted to stay and grow with these people.
-Sylvia O.